In line with the trend, the new oil-proof paper will shine brilliantly at the SWOP exhibition

Qingdao Rongxin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., as a supplier of food and drug packaging materials with a history of more than 10 years, has always had a strong sense of social responsibility, which has been implemented in products. We actively responded to the global trend of depolasticization, launched non-plastic degradable oil-resistant paper, and implemented it to alleviate environmental pressure and improve resource utilization

At the just concluded SWOP Packaging Expo, it attracted the attention of many visitors; In the face of an endless stream of inquiries, our business personnel also showed their good professional quality and professional level, and enthusiastically and patiently introduced the answers to each visitor in detail

6gsm coated low-weight food packaging paper is also a popular product for visitors to consult; This kind of food packaging paper is widely favored by customers because of its low weight, good water and oil resistance, and high cost performance

Foaming paper is also a bright spot, and many consultants are full of praise for its multi-function integration of anti-scald, heat preservation and good feel

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