Sanya held a degradable packaging material industry forum

In order to cope with the deep damage to the ecological environment caused by waste plastic pollution, Europe, Asia and other regions have implemented the "“ Plastic prohibition” Encourage biodegradable and renewable plastics to replace disposable plastic products. Environmental friendly new materials such as natural polymers, bio-based chemicals and biodegradable polymers have become the focus of the industry

As the only tropical province in China, Hainan Province is rich in biomass resources and is also a region with good ecological environment protection in China

The research team of the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has worked in the field of bio-based materials for many years, and has successively achieved many important breakthroughs, such as the production demonstration of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural of 10000 tons and the development of furan dicarboxylic acid polyester materials. In conjunction with Sanya Municipal Government; China (Sanya) First Biomass Catalytic Refining and Degradable Packaging Materials Industry Forum”, From high-value conversion of starch and cellulose, bio-based platform compounds&rdquo& ldquo; Biodegradable polymer materials” And“ Application of starch and cellulose conversion” Exchange and discuss the three main topics. This forum will uphold“ Policy guidance, research and enterprise connectivity, investment follow-up, alliance promotion” Hainan Province; Comprehensive plastic prohibition” Provide substantive solutions to build a new benchmark for high-tech enterprises in the field of biomass in China