“NO.T.E” packaging paper

No plastic, no fluorine, recyclable, suitable for plastic prohibition. Agricultural products can breathe freely in the packaging to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. The coating product of the bacteriostatic layer can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent food corruption.

PBS/PLA coated paper

Good waterproof and breathability, ensuring good taste of food; It can be completely recycled and directly used for pulping to reduce environmental pollution; Can be directly put into microwave oven for heating, can be used for baking, and widely used

PE coated paper

On thin paper coating, use less coating amount to achieve better oil prevention effect. The paper quality is stable, and the scrap rate of products processed by subsequent printing is low, which effectively saves manpower and material resources and improves efficiency.

PP coated paper

Good oil and water resistance, widely used in food packaging industry. In the processing process, heat sealing and adhesive methods can be used to meet the requirements of different packaging production lines. It can be directly heated in the microwave oven.

PE foam pape

Anti-scald, anti-slip, good handle. With independent intellectual property rights, it is widely used in paper container products such as foam cups, noodles bowls, paper boxes, etc. Different foaming effects are achieved through different processes to meet customer requirements.

Composite packaging paper

We also provide a variety of composite coating products of other materials, such as PLA coating, aluminum foil composite, and other paper composite materials, and provide one-stop comprehensive food packaging solutions.
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